Shine, Come On Let It Shine

now i don’t know how to express my feeling, maybe i am too tired to put it on this blog.

but, still i wanna talk about something happened on yesterday.

all right, like everyday goes on, yesterday is just like every normal day, but compared with any other day, it’s quite different. yesterday i almostly told the truth to my friends that i fell in love with C. it’s quite hard for me , to say something like i love you” or i am falling love with…”, so i just expressed my thoughts implicitly, of cause, they didn’t understand what i said either.

still they laughed: hey, you sick guy.

i know, i know there’s something would happen if they know the relationship between C and i.

first, they must be surprised or stunned, they will say: i am fucked. then, they will ask me when the relationship started, i shall tell them: when i went to L building with Z (one of friends), and at that time i was asked to fix some problems that make notebook can’t work. and then, when Z went out because of the telephone call, C and i began to talk, maybe, we started with table tennis.

yes, when i write this thing on the internet, i’m also surprised about the beginning.  everyone knows that i am ten feet under, till you come along, and brighten my day.

June 1, 2010